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 This page is  dedicated to the international community in order to spread awareness about

Novel Corona Virus ( nCOV. )  in collaboration  with World health Organization (WHO )

Do not spead fear, spread the facts and awareness

If you have any questions or more information, you can contact us and send messages to us by clicking on above chat link and we are happy to help you

Wish you good health

COV Forum- A page run by UnzeenU in collaboration with World health Organization 

Worldwide cases map 

Please find attached the Daily situation report for COVID-19

All information on COVID- 19 can be found here:

Other important uptodate reports:

More important scientific reports can be found using below unzeenu databox links:

(1) WHO-NCov-IPC-HomeCare-2020.2-Eng.Pdf

(2) WHO-NCov-IPC_Masks-2020.1-Eng.Pdf

(3) Dcp--Ncov.Pdf

(6)   Hcw-Protocol-2019-Ncov-V1-2.Pdf

(7) Ncov-Household-Transmission-Investigation-Protocol-Final.Pdf


Wishing you Health and Safety from this Pandemic


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