Entrepreneur Elon Musk has claimed he's confident there will be a city of 1 million on Mars by 2050, transported there by 1000 Starships proposed by his SpaceX venture, with plans for up to three rock


We left for Belarus
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Премьера трека! Tenderlybae - Игрушка

The World in 2050_ Future Technology
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Western South Dakota is home to incredible sights like the Badlands and the Needles of the Black Hills, but nothing “sticks out” quite like Mount Rushmore National Memorial. This giant monument is

Famous Monuments That Are Hiding Little-Known Secrets · Wait, there's a WHAT behind Mount Rushmore?!

They're called 'lurkers', and they may have been covertly surveilling us from space for millions of years – since before we even existed, perhaps.

The American Flag isn't simply a piece of texture. It is representative of the texture of our general public as a country. It has been conveyed all over as an image of American pride, meanwhile fillin

We use the expression ‘lucky dog’ way too loosely nowadays. We think getting a good deal online, a nice vacation, or a good-looking partner is being lucky. We thought so too, before we came across