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Tapping into your sexual power is just that—powerful.

Feeling turned on is more than a wind up to sex. It’s a way to feel more alive, understand yourself, unlock confidence, and enhance intimacy. Dipsea empowers you to tap into those feelings whenever you damn well please!

Dipsea is a female-founded startup and story studio.

We’re a team of writers, editors, directors, producers, and engineers. Every story and session we release is created from start to finish, and in partnership with an incredible network of paid contributors and voice actors. 


Like many slickly designed tech companies based in San Francisco, Dipsea came out of a conversation between friends. Gina Gutierrez, a brand and design strategist, and Faye Keegan, a technical product manager, would often stay up late talking with their group about sex stuff, and say that while everyone could easily wax poetic on vibrators, there wasn’t much to discuss in the way of content.

“There wasn’t any good, interesting, erotic sexual content that felt made for us,” Gutierrez explains. “They was only this black market where people are like, ‘There’s this one chapter of this book that I think is super sexy and it’s stacked on my nightstand,’ but that’s kind of it.”

Dipsea co-founders Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan.


There is feminist porn, sure, but “porn” is not really what Dipsea is trying to be. “Tulum,” for instance, ends right before Noah and I (spoiler alert) hook up with the hot couple next door. Instead, Dipsea is about getting women ready for the “before” part of sex-having.

“We don’t just think that this is an end, like, ‘let’s get you aroused,’” says Gutierrez. “That end could be feeling more alive and awakened. That could mean feeling more in touch and connected with your body. That could mean feeling more connected to a partner. That could mean feeling more flirtatious before a date. And then, of course, there’s the classic use, and I’m sure people can [use] this to masturbate. Which of course you could as well.”

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