Why do movie theater serve popcorn?

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A couple of combining viewpoints made popcorn the quintessential film nibble, as per Andrew F. Smith, creator of Popped Culture: A Social History of Popcorn in America. For the most part, it came down to the bite's value, accommodation, and timing. Popcorn was modest for merchants and for clients, and making it didn't need a huge load of gear. Popcorn likewise became famous when cinemas were in urgent need of a monetary lift, which is the way popcorn got acquainted with the cinema. Fun reality: popcorn doesn't allude to the popped part alone. It's likewise the name for the particular kind of corn that is utilized to make the bite. It was initially filled in Central America and became well known in the U.S. during the 1800s. Contrasted and different snacks at that point, it was supereasy to make, and it got simpler in 1885 when the portable steam-fueled popcorn producer was developed. What hit the roads in the late nineteenth century was an armada of autonomous popcorn purveyors. They resembled the incredible extraordinary granddads of food trucks. Since popcorn was modest to make, it was likewise modest to purchase, which expanded the ubiquity of this treat during the Great Depression. The Depression expanded customer spending on less expensive extravagance things like popcorn and motion pictures, and the two businesses collaborated. Theaters would permit a specific popcorn sales rep to sell just external the venue for a day by day charge. By the mid-1940s, notwithstanding, cinemas had removed the go between and started to have their own snack bars in the anteroom. The presentation of the popcorn-driven snack bar to cinemas kept the cinema business above water, and popcorn has been a film watching staple from that point forward.